BookGolf: The Untapped Market


At the turn of the century golf courses were outpacing the demand; golfers were leaving the game like never before. When no one else could, Chuck and his team at MMC® started growing the game. Over the past decade Chuck’s team has locked up long-term relationships with more than 250,000 casual and non-golfers for their clients in the most difficult times ever to hit the golf industry.

Anyone in the golf industry, whether an owner, manager, sales representative, developer, marketer, entrepreneur, a member, golfer, someone thinking about joining a golf club or someone just wanting to learn more about the future of golf will find Chuck’s experience and teachings extremely useful.

Chuck provides a step-by-step approach on how to be enormously successful in the golf business in 2017 and for decades to come by professionally marketing and selling any golf product or service to new segments of golf consumers. Using his revolutionary system, Chuck and his team at Mulligan Marketing Concepts® (MMC®) have raised over half a billion dollars for clients in the health-club and golf industries. With Golf: The Untapped Market, learn how to make your mark on the golf industry today!


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